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    I am new to the whole Waverunner so I am not really sure what went wrong...I was out today and my ski ran perfect for several hours...when we went to head back to the inlet it just shut off!! No warnings or anything...I have checked the spark plugs and it seems that there is no power going to the plugs... any advice???

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    Welcome to Greenhulk

    First please let us know;

    Year, Model, Mods on ski.

    Does it crank when you engage the starter?
    If so does it crank slow < 250 RPM? (Battery Low)
    If the battery is low the coils will NOT fire.

    More info please.........

    We will help you!

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    need more information...

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    Sorry about that! Its a 98 Gp1200, I was riding about 20mph and then it acted as if I hit the kill switch and just turned off! When I went to start it back up everything sounded fine... just not starting...but the engine was turning over fine, I checked the impeller it was fine, I had a similar problem on a 4wheeler and the fix was a new stator...what do you think?

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    Do a compression test to see if all cylinders are even.... The older GPs are notorious for creasing the check valves in the fuel pumps causing a seizure while cruising in the midrange. Weak signal plus creased check valve equals no fuel pressure. Do yourself a favor and install a primer kit so you don't have to do the extended cranking to get it started after it sits for a week.

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    I have a priming kit and have never had trouble starting it before so I know that I am getting fuel to the engine..just no spark or even power to the spark plug cables...

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    May be a bad stator, specifically your charging coils. Take apart your electrical box and do a resistance check between the black/red and brown wires. Resistance should be between 172 and 258 ohms. Then check between black/red and blue, should be between 656 and 984 ohms. You can also check your pick-ups. They're the white/red, white/black, and white/green wires. Measure the resistance between each of those and the solid black wire, should be between248 and 372 ohms.

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    Alright Guys It was the Stator and the Coils ... I guess there was a bad seal and they got wet... and that was the end of that!! But very happy to say its up and running better than ever with the fix! Thank you very much for the help!!

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