I have followed this web site for a couple of years now and found it very helpful. But, I have also seen the GH members lash out at newbees who ask questions about topics that get frequent discussion here. You say, did you do a "search" before asking your question?"

I have always had problems searching for stuff in this site. But, I've never worried much about it before and I have always laughed when you guys get on people who don't do a search first. But now, I have done a search and I get what I usually get...nothing! I would appreciate some help in educating me (and others) about getting effective search results.

I have a 1999 Yamaha xl1200 and am having what I believe to be starter solenoid problems. So, I go to this web site and perform a search in the yamaha 2 stroke section for "starter solenoid removal"-it comes back.....no matches. I then type in "solenoid removal"-1 match (stinger/turbo tube question). I type in starter solenoid-24 matches & not one post that tells me what I need to know. Most of these posts are from someone who mentioned the word(s) "starter" &/or "solenoid" in their post.

Again, any searching guidance would be appreciated.

My question about starter solenoid removal is...according to yamaha's service manual, I have to take off the exhaust chamber, unbolt & remove the electrical box & then disassemble the electrical box just to get to the solenoid. Is this true?