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    Filled the Rideplate holes and well.. im impressed!!

    Filled my rideplate holes this weekend cause we had some shitty weather, i ended up using this cold weld apoxy, it worked pretty good so far. So i went out and GPS'd it and my previous runs before filling the rideplate holes was a best of 73.5mph, today i hit 74.8mph with half tank of gas!!!. My mods are STG 1 with BOV and RR exhaust, and water wetter in the coolant and now filled rideplate holes!! Im pretty well done for this year for modding. But next year im going for 80mph!!! , maybe, i still need to get some use outta this warranty!!

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    Thats pretty much what I saw. 1.5mph increase

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    Quote Originally Posted by majundecid
    Thats pretty much what I saw. 1.5mph increase
    I know i couldnt believe it really , i know i seen other people talkin about it but i never really thought it would make that much of a difference but i guess so.. either way , its a cheap and easy mod for an extra 1mph at least!

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    yeah i still havent filled mine yet but im going to use stuff called all metal its a type of body filler and to you who dont know that bondo i do body work for a living so yeah this stuff works alreayd ttested it for getting weak under watter and even under salt water and it didnt so yeah dont know how hard it would be to get out though prolly a pain in the [email protected] but it will holw up though let me know if ya wanna know more bout it

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