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    OK to tow jeep then 2 ski trailer?

    I have a RV & I would like to take my jeep & ski's with me. Is it OK to tow the dual ski trailer behind the jeep?

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    Should we use some kinda of stabilizer bar to keep the ski trailer from wiggling?

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    probably be around 80 ish feet with rv + jeep unlimited + trailer

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    There have been a few threads about 'triple towing'.

    State rules vary - some don't allow it at all.

    Others require a commercial vehicle for the tow, or a commercial driver license. Length restrictions vary too.

    Then there is the real world safety/risk aspects. Will the combination be safe and predictable during emergency lane change maneuvers and/or full on emergency braking?

    Will it be able to stop in a reasonable distance from highways speeds, if the need arises for a sudden stop?

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    so true.... the RV's brakes are definantly adequate & I have a brakebuddy for the jeep but nothing on the ski's

    I rescently took a trip out west & I was shocked by how many people had a pickup pulling a large trailer pulling a 20ish foot boat .... through those mtns.

    I will do some searching... thanks

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    Even if the states you are traveling in allow 2 trailers to be towed, in most case the first trailer is required to be a fifth wheel. and in most cases the maximum length in most states for combo's is 65 feet. This is a bad idea. If you really want to take both you need to get a trailer to tow behind your motorhome that will allow you to put both the jeep and jetski trailer it.

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