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    Any "easy" upgrades for a 2002 Virage TXI?

    I did some searching and did not find much useful info, so I figured a post was in order.

    I just got my Virage running and it's actually a bit faster than I can handle right now, but I cannot deny that at some point I know the upgrade bug will hit me.

    may as well start a wish list of sorts.

    anyone have any ideas as to what upgrades I can achieve? I am guessing not much since it's injected, but I can see where a 10% boost in top speed and a marginal boost in acceleration would put an even bigger smile on my face down the road if it's possible.

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    10% more speed beyond the stock Virage TXi 60+mph is actually a big delta to achieve.

    A 5 or 6 degree jet pump wedge will gain you a little top speed by lifting the bow higher, but the hull will be somewhat less stable in non-smooth water. Stock wedge is four degrees.

    You can play with impellers and blade pitch tweaking to gain a few RPM, and allow the engine to get closer to the 7200 RPM limiter.

    Having the cylinder heads worked to boost compression and require 91 octane fuel will gain a little more power.

    A different ride plate might help, but there are compromises with everything when you are chasing top speed. The stock 'bat-wing' ride plate is not bad for speed.

    Chasing better acceleration might be a little easier.

    You can swap in an impeller with less pitch, which will allow the engine to gain revs faster, and grab the water for a better launch. An aftermarket impeller might work best.

    You can open up the exit nozzle (or install a nozzle with replaceable exit rings) to boost acceleration, and then install an AAT tail cone to recover some of the top speed lost to the exit nozzle change.

    Intake grate options are more for staying hooked better up in rough or choppy water, but see what others have to say.

    You already have the six vane SS pump stator, which is close to optimal. You could go through the stator with a Dremel grinder and a fine file and smooth off any manufacturing roughness.

    I haven't tried alternative sponsons on the Virage, but there are a few types around, if you hunt.

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