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    Best Place for GPS?

    I've always just stuck the gps in my glove box and it seems to be reading ok? I have stock handle bars and was wondering where others have it? Thanks.

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    Nice name!!!!

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    that' where i have it in glove box , ride around all day , do some "runs"then check it, some guys have handlebar mounts ,thats fine.

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    i had my gps on the stock handlebars

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    Which size did you have to order for stock handle bars?
    1" or 1 1/4"
    I have a garmin etrex.

    Appreciate the replies. Name, yeah - had to come with something that went with purple.

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    You have the E trex just go on amazon and get the bicycle mount. Its plastic and wont corrode. I have them on both my skies now with no issues. It's only 16 bucks. It includes the backing battery mount cover plate and thick rubber pads for various handlebar widths. With the UMI throttle I am running there is plenty of room to bolt it up right next to it.

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