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    Mavericks Waiting Period begins-Carlos Burle

    Mavericks Waiting Period begins 31st October

    Posted on September 28, 2009 by Carlos Burle
    Hello Surf Europe friends!

    I don't know what is going on on your side... but hopefully it's all good!!!
    At my end things are super good. I had a wonderful season in the southern hemisphere and the best is still to come. El Niņo is back and we're expecting a great big wave season for the northern hemisphere. Things are getting together for the Mavericks event that will open its window later this year. The contest can happen any time after the ceremony on October 31st.

    Shawn Alladio my long time friend and water patrol will be in charge of the water safety. Even though she has a very full schedule, she's working on giving assistance to that matter. The event will have the same format as past years and the line up will be the same as last year. I'm in and happy to have a chance to surf the event again. Here are a few pics from me and Shawn Alladio and links about her:

    At the XXL Big Wave Awards- Anaheim CA with Shawn Alladio and Maya Gabeira, Pablo and Pato
    My tow partner Eraldo Gueiros, Shawn Alladio and myself during a safety and rescue course.
    Dungeons, South Africa
    Myself an Alladio training out seas !!! Mavericks
    Getting ready to surf Mavericks ... Jet skis and surfboards!!! (Burle-Shawn)
    Classic paddle day at Mavericks... when the of shore is strong is harder to take of on the peak!!
    The biggest day at Mavericks... this one was one of the best wave of my life!!! Ant surfing!!!

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    Thats Nuts!

    Shawn you definatly have a pair!

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