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    Its better to burn out than fade away christian79's Avatar
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    My First (Running) GP1200R

    Earlier this year I got the GPR bug and sold my two Polaris skis and bought 3 non-running GP1200R skis. Tonight will be my second time out as the first time was a bust b/cmy fuel flapper was warped and I had no fuel pressure.

    Do yourself a favor and add these to your must do list whenever you get a GPR

    1) Replace Fuel Filter
    2) Clean and or Replace Carb Filters
    3) Remove the fuel flapper and screen

    Now for the mods/replaced parts

    ADA head with 40cc domes
    Waveeater clips and couplers
    New crank seals (Held 10PSI for 3.5 hours)

    D-plate with sensor chip
    Riva free flow tube (Blue)
    Hole shot kit (Fercho Style)
    Hole shot kit relocation
    SS hole shot gasket (This was a GREAT idea)

    Fuel System:
    Complete carburetor rebuild (OEM Only)
    Bores Polished
    Drilled out returns
    90 installed into return fitting on sending unit (Great idea from WFO)
    Choke Removal
    Accelerator Pump Removal
    Prok F/As
    Primer Added
    Rejetted for all mods and adjustments
    Fuel filter replaced (A MUST DO)
    Fuel Flapper/Screen removal (A MUST DO)
    Selector switch removal

    Jet Pump:
    Solas impeller 13/19
    Spray removed
    Bilge line removed

    R&D 1200 Intake Grate
    Pump shoe Polished
    Pump shoe sealed
    Transom resealed
    Rideplate polished
    Coco's reenforcement kit
    2004+ rideplate and pump shoe brackets
    500 gph rule bilge
    1300R fuel selector plug
    1300R Choke removal plug
    PET-2100DX installed in glove box

    In addition to the above mods/changes, I stripped down the entire ski to the rivets and cleaned, replaced, or repaired as required every part I touched.

    This was alot of fun and I owe so much to the members here that have been so helpful. Just to name a few and in NO particular order

    1) Crashhard (Joe)
    2) Osidebill (Bill)
    3) WFO (Rich)
    4) Lhorning (Lowell)
    5) The individual who shall remain nameless who provided me with a manual

    I think that is everything...... If I remember anything else I will post it here. I have two more skis to do so next time I will try to take more pics during the process. If you see something I missed or did incorrectly please post it here.

    Now on to the pics!!!!!!!




    Rideplate and Shoe

    Misc Shots

    The remaining parts


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    Nice job that is one clean ski.

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    Waveruiner pauladave's Avatar
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    That is very Very NICE. Quality workmanship, with some really nice, neat finishing touches. A credit to you. Wish the Yami Stealers could take a look at what quality work looks like! Hope you get many fun hours for all your dedication and attention to detail. Regards, Dave.

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    That one turned out really nice!

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    That ski looks awesome! Congrats

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    wow, thats a really clean ski!
    Very clean for a 2000

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    Its better to burn out than fade away christian79's Avatar
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    Marysville Ohio
    Thank You for the kind words...... I will try to dig up some before pics once I warm up from my trip to the lake tonight.

    My second time out was much better than my first

    I went to Buck Creek State Park (Ohio) and had a blast.
    52 degrees ambient temp with 58 degree water, 20 MPH winds and no sun to speak of.

    Top Speed was 65 per dream-o-meter @ 7090 per PET-2100DX
    Compression after 45 minutes was Mag/Center/PTO 127/125/123 (Same as before)
    All plugs were coffee color and moist
    I estimate that I used 5 gallons of fuel in 45 minutes with an average throttle position of 80%. In other words the only time I let off the throttle was to turn around.

    Given my RPM, Plug condition, and fuel consumption I would say I am running rich. However until I get used to the ski I will leave it that way.

    These are very fun to ride and stick very well to the water. I tried to slide it through a turn like my SLX 1050 and almost bit the dust.

    Please let me know if I missed any mods, I tried to do all the ones I could while leaving the engine in stock form. I have a HO pump sitting on the work bench waiting to some attention and I know I need to get Jim's plate and Leo's hole shot kit. Other than that I think I covered all the bases.

    See you out there......

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    Nice looking ski, now onto your request.

    I would dump the #3 cooling line overboard and run the #1&#2 into the exhaust manifold and lose the tee.

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    Yes, that is a clean ski!! I think the white and silver GPR's are the best looking of all years.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    That is the cleanest ski I have seen on this entire forum. Its a 2000, and it looks like it was just taken out of the crate at the dealer.

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