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    should I do tripples?

    I have a ultra 150 & I cannot decide if I should try tripples, carbs etc?

    How is the reliability when this is done? Is fuel consumption really bad? Seems to be crappy already since my girlfriends older seadoo's (which are totally gutless I must add) seem to go almost twice as far on a tank of fuel but takes FOREVER to go anywhere.

    My ski is totally stock now, should I just throw on a few easy boltons & be done with it (rideplate, ext nozel, intake, etc) or is the added oomph worth the added cost?

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    From what i have read here its not worth all the extra money to go a few miles faster per hour.Unless you won the lottery recently, LOL

    Plus you will be spending a lot of time tuning,not to mention all the extra fuel consumption

    I would just add a few extra bolt-ons for a more reliable ride. JMO

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    that's what I am thinking..... I actually pieced together a set (tripples, buckshot 50's, ignition) & I cannot decide if I should throw it on or sell it. I am leaning towards not using it due to being worried about having to mess with the carb setting etc.

    going 10+mph faster & getting there a LOT quicker must be fun... just not sure if it's worth the price of admission & also the upkeep

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    I have to say they are fun and addictive. But be ready for the upkeep. With a good setup under it a tripple pipe boat should run 75 or so. A good single pipe setup with a/m carbs can get you 71. Fuel milage will go to crap.

    I would start with bolt ons then decide if you want more. The plate, sponsons and the nozel would be the first things on my list.

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    thanks.... I think I will keep it stock..... I want to buy a car & I think selling this stuff might make it happen just a little quicker! The crappy mpg & maintenance worry me since the thing already sucks the gas


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    its not worht it.. all triples do is allows a bit more airflow... people commonly mistake that even doing a dual carb set up does double the fuel. this is in correct... all it does is allows more breath room for each piston... the carbs are not working all the time..

    a single carb works all the time. a dual carb gives each piston 180 degrees rest. while one piston goes up the other is coming down... when the first piston is already going up there is no need for fuel to be delivered. thus doing duals or triples is almost pointless unless you have some good porting boring and blueprinting already done to the motor... otherwise you will probly not notice the difference. think of setting up duals as a last mod sort of thing.

    many more cheaper things that will increase performance.

    such as truing the hull all the way to the rideplate.

    infact a better mod would be to increase the carb size rather than duals.

    a single 46 will produce better power than dual 44s.

    since the math does not make it an 88 carb its two single 44's that have those breaks when the piston is not sucking the gas.

    so spend money elsewhere till thats the last mod to go.... and in take case you might aswell find an MRD fuel injection kit... thats one of my projects right now..

    testing dual 44's compared to my fuel injection kit... we will see who has the most responce and the highest top speed.

    good luck have fun and stay wet!

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    You may be misunderstanding what we are talking about here. It is a kawi 1200 tripple, it already has 3 carbs stock. Going to a/m carbs does work well on this motor such as mikuni 44 or 46s. The original post was about running a caufmans or factory pipe exhaust. Tripple pipe exhaust and carbs on this motor adds 50 - 75 horsepower. Trust me when I say It is the most noticable single gain you can do. It adds 5-7 mph to the top speed plus brutal acceleration. That being said I dont recomend them unless you are ready for the work that goes with them. Working on anything on a tripple pie ultra is a pita

    Just doing a/m carbs doesnt hurt the mileage too bad. Now tripples is a different story. My max range on the tripples is 70 miles while my single pipe still has 4+ gallons left.

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