Just got this raider a few weeks ago from a guy who converted it to premix with the block off kit. Raider runs great and hooks up hard, dropped the riva sponsons all the way down and its great in the ocean.

Problem I need help with is that it only runs for about 2 mins and then dies out, specifically at above 75% throttle, if it starts to stall and I release the throttle it will catch itself and come back to life, then I can hopefully motor it back to shore in between 15-40% throttle, any more and she dies. I had a buddy with me two days prior, ski gave no problems, but he ran it out of fuel, and this problem has been with the ski since then.

Out of the water to flush, it idles fine and revs no problem, no load on the jet pump. Strangely, there are bubbles in the fuel line coming from the tank to the fuel pump, like air is trapped in the line.

My limited mechanical knowledge leads me to think that the carb jets can make it fine at low rpm but at high demand in the upper rpm range, the air bubbles in the line is causing it to become fuel starved. Am I on the right track? How do I bleed the line? Any other directions to go in to narrow this down?

Looking for options, ocean is a bad place to get stuck.

Thanks guys

P.S. also noticed, there is no intake grate underneath, dunno whats up with that, but I know its a bad thing not to have one, any suggestions for chop?