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Thread: GP1300R or not?

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    GP1300R or not?

    Hey. I'm thinking about buying a GP1300R and this will be by first ski. My friend has two Hondas, a non turbo and a turbo.
    Can someone tell me a little bit about the GP1300R
    Does it have a good holeshot, mid and top speed?
    Does it have a wet or dry ride?
    Do they have many problems?
    Will I run circles around him?

    I'm also thinking about buying a 2006 Honda Turbo with 16 hours from the dealer that is in as perfect shape as you will ever find in a used ski. Two small scratches. For $7800 with all taxes and fees out the door. I can buy a 2006 GP1300R here for around $6500 plus taxes and fees.

    How do these bikes compare holeshot, power and top end? thanks guys

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    GP1300R better in every way. if your into speed dont even look the other way.

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    Honda that bad?

    Is the Honda really that bad? why I wonder?

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    there not a bad ski. In my opinion there just slow

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    This is a killer gpr for the price!
    2005 gpr 1390 Ported by Lowell Horning, Custom Paint, Like New! ( 1 2) Your bud on his Honda's will want to sell if you get this! Lee

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    A stock turbo Honda will probably have a similar top speed as a stock GPR. The one I rode got on plane quickly & had a good holeshot, but it's a quirky handling ski. I threw it into a high speed turn like I do with my Yamis & it hooked the bow & spun a 180...scared the chit out of me. The GPR is a much better handling ski & has tons of aftermarket availability as well as an endless supply of used parts in the forum classifieds. A few basic mods will easily get it into the low 70's. Go GPR for sure!!!

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    I've never seen a honda do 65 mph stock, unlike yamaha .

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    Honda is also suspending its sale for 2010 for their PWC market and who knows if they will ever come back. They still can't sell new 05's.

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    I plan on leaving mine stock. I can't believe i'm saying this. lol.
    Does a stock 1300r have a good holeshot?

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    Stock they have a good holeshot. But for safety reasons you should reiforce the pump tunnel and upgrade from the stock intake grate to a R&D 1200 grate.

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