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    1998 GSX Limited (Needs work)

    Hey all,

    I just dont have the time to deal with the jet ski anymore, and just need it gone - and am willing to take a loss on it to get it outta here

    1998 GSX Limited (Red/Purple)
    130 hours on hull
    10 hours on new motor
    10 hours on rebuilt carbs
    10 hours on oil replacement in pump
    Replaced fuel lines
    Rebuilt RAVE valves
    1997.5 GSX Limited (White Pipe - Painted black with engine block paint)
    New Starter

    ADA Racing 50cc dome head (have stock head gasket + i think a head)
    Rejetted carbs (per bens secret mods) / No accel pumps
    Solas 15/20 prop (Have 2 different stock props for it as well)

    Needs DESS Post (Let to a "friend" now the guy wont give it back)
    Needs VTS rod (VTS works intermittently, but i cant find where my rod went - i kept it off seemed to run faster that way)
    Fuel system - Im pretty sure it had water in the gas, i drained all of the gas out, put some alcohol in it, sucked that out, put a gal of gas in it, but had no way to pressurize the fuel system to get it running again, and now it sits)
    Gas Gauge doesnt work (common)

    Sits on a 1997 Snug harbor trailer

    Majority of 1 gallon of XPS-2 oil
    Unopened gallon of Amsoil Interceptor
    Cover (cover is beat, but fine for storage)
    Any parts i have laying around for it

    have clean and clear titles for both, ready to go!

    $2300 OBO
    Im flexible - money talks!

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    want to trade for a nearly immaculate 97 SPX with a brand new sbt motor? LMK

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    want to trade for a nearly immaculate 97 SPX with a brand new sbt motor? LMK

    no thanks, took a deposit on this on friday

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