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    Handle Bar Cushion

    I'm looking for a cushion to put on my SHO's Handlebar. Reason being is that I often take out my son who is 5 years old and rides infront of me (between myself and the handlebar) Now under normal slow riding it's ok but he always wants to see 60+mph . Now whenever I go to the US and go to a go kart track I notice that they have some cushion that they put on the handlebar. Does anyone know where I could get something like this? I could just cut some material and make but would rather buy something made.

    I've searched EBAY but I haven't foudn anything. Maybe I've using the wrong search criteria? "Waverunner handlebar cushion" also tried "go kart handlebar cushion"

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    It would also be good for wave jumping. I've caught a handle bar to the mouth a couple of times. Never fun.

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    Try looking for Motorcycle handlebar pads, that;s where I have found them.

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