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Thread: mpem issue

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    mpem issue

    Hi all, First time posting on here so not sure to start with if this is the right place for this..

    I have just got a 97 seadoo gsx, the person selling it put a 98 mpem in it as he fried the first one and wondered why it wouldnt start. Is there any way to get a 98 mpem to work in 97 gsx or will I have to get a 97 mpem?, as they seem to be impossible to find used in the uk.

    Also is there any way to get the engine to crank to test for compression without an mpem fitted?

    Thank you for any help with this

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    What fried in/on it?

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    Thats the thing he didnt keep the old mpem to test, as he bought the 98 one from ebay .. the 98 one lights up the guages and makes the long beep as to say wrong dess key,

    he said that the first one died as he boost started it or tried to from the car with jump leads.

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    that will definitely do it. never jump from a running car or booster while running. The MPEM may work. check the part numbers on the MPEM and look at the microfiche under the links tab on the left. if the numbers match you can use it. if not there are a lot of people here that have good used parts. if you are getting a long beep he may have never reprogrammed the key to the new MPEM. and to answer you question about checking compression, you cant test it until you get a key programmed.

    Welcome to GH!

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    Sorry for the new guy comment but would it be possible to point me where to look for mpem information to see if another one would fit or work in place..
    I know the 98 one that I have that came in the ski is for the 941 engine and doesnt have a rectifier , my 97 has the 787 engine and needs the Rectifier.

    Was thinking what would happen if I fitted a rectifier would that get it all working or would timing and such be out becuse of the different engine?

    Problem that I have if anyone on here has one is that I am in Scotland.

    I thank you for the help so far

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    Though a '98 951 ignition system is similar to a 787 you do have a wiring issue since the charging system was different.

    I think you can use one off a '96-'97 GSX or '96-'97 GTX. Put that one you have up for sale on ebay and keep looking.

    Also try posting a WTB on PWC Today. There are a couple of salvage guys who keep an eye on that page. It may cost a bit for shipping but there is not a way around that.

    You can try to move wires around but I do not know of anyone who has tried to do so or how to reconcile the fact that the internal rectifier in the MPEM will be disabled.

    It may work fine, or it may freak out. One thing to keep in mind. When he toasted the MPEM, the stator was under a lot of stress too.

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    compression test-easy

    all you have to do is jump the starter soleniod, use a really heavy screwdriver, and wear glasses to protect against a spark in the eye, ziptie the thottle wide open for the test

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    You can jump start from a car,, just do it with the engine OFF,

    On the MPEM match parts numbers for compatibility,

    To check compression, Ground the plug wires and jumper the solenoid, with with a jumper button,or as posted use a heavy screwdriver across the terminal lugs.

    good luck

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    Thank you all for the advice, Will try the jumping the solenoid tomorrow see whats happing with the engine.. ive got the shop manual but where and how do I go about doing that on a seadoo?, ive done it before on a kawasaki 650 but nothing like this.

    How much would I get for the 98 mpem roughly ? and how much roughtly would a used 97 one cost?

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    mpems seem to go from anywhere from $150 to $300, try to find one that has a key with it, saves you a trip to the seadoo-doo dealer best to get the same eact one, as the info lcd display is riven from that and if you ge the wrong one you may find your trim or other specific feature won't work or be indicated. There are subtle differences in the mpem's it seems, so check the part numbers before you go shopping.

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