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Thread: Hew here

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    Hew here

    Hi all.

    Just picked up a 98 SLXH for 550 runs good, compression is also good.

    Did i gt a good deal?

    and also what are things to look out for with it?
    I know i need to replace the fuel lines because it has the gray ones.

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    Welcome egman! Sounds like an awesome deal. Let's see some pictures of your new acquisition. We love pics!

    Do those fuel lines have the Tempo name on them?

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    Congrats!. if it runs , you got an awesome deal. The crank on a 750 slt rebuilt for a 95 is like 400.00 not counting gaskets!. It's more of a thing if you like the ride and the look and the ease of service and parts availabilty. I like my hull on the slt. Cant find a 785 pro. so im happy for now. Welcome to the hulk!.

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    sounds like a fine deal,,

    I would give it a good going over,, the tempo fuel lines get green slime.

    I would open the carbs and check the filters

    have fun

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Fine deal you got there if it's running good.

    Have you test rode it yet?

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    runs good.

    took it out once before i bought it.

    i can get some pics haha. it needs the seats redone and some one the plastic bump gaurds. but other then that its in good shape.

    owner just wanted it gone. she got it as part of a divorce

    fuel lines do say tempo so those are getting replaced.

    also whats the best way to clean the carbs?

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    yes replace the fuel lines now before you ride again. replace it one hose at a time. i replaced mine with high octane clear blue so i can see the fuel moving. i got it from you will need about 20ft. And welcome to the hulk

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    1/4 inch lines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by egman2005 View Post
    1/4 inch lines?

    While you are at it, consider replacing those 11+ year old oil lines too. 1/8" size, I think.

    Check whether the oil filter uses the same size hose on both ends.

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