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    STX 900 MDF issue

    Just bought a 2000 stx 900($300..sweeet) from a guy who let it sit for 2yrs cause it quit running. Found that some of the wires from the electrical box had melted together from touching the muffler. I rewired them and started after some new plugs and a lil' Seafoam but... the MFD doesnt come on or beep. Fuses and connectors are good. Can this be tested? Im also getting alot of cavitation. Anything past 50% throttle is useless. Can it be anything other than the wear ring or impeller? Is there oil in the Impeller/ housing and if so how do I chek it? Intake grate is free of debri and the impeller has some slight damage/scratches. Ive always owned stuff with tires and transmissions. This is my first PWC and I like it. Think i might sell my Yamaha r6.... not so much, get a grip joe! thanks

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    In my experience, the rubber seal on the back of the MFD gets hard with age and doesn't seal well. If the 'Ski is flipped/submerged, water gets in and it's toast. A new one is big buck$$$, but you might find a used one here, Ebay, etc.

    Your cavitation problem could be caused by improper sealing where the pump attaches to the hull, or improper sealing of the intake grate/pump shoe. Sealing is critical, anything that causes turbulence can mess it up.

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