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    Fuel gauge problems

    I have 2 kawasakis, 2007 stx f 1500/1200 both have been sitting for 3- months.I would start them every 2 weeks and run them. Any how can fuel with the darn 10% ethanol screw up the fuel gauge sending units? My 1200 has a full tank and the warning for low fuel keeps coming on, so I checked my 1500 ski and the gauge was fine. I swapped out sending units to see if the 1200 would keep giving me the same problem, quess what it did. So I figure my problem is elsewhere maybe with a plug or a wire .So I put my 1500 fuel gauge sender back in the 1500 and quess what ? Now the 1500 saki is doing the same thing ,does any one think the ethanol additive sitting and absorbing moisture could have done this ? I noticed the fuel has turned a little reddish color but that maybe from the fuel stabalizer I added. Also I am going to siphon and clean the tanks and fill up with hi test marine grade to see if that helps the sending units .Any ones opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Man, hard to understand run-on sentences....

    When you put the 15F's working sensor in your 12F tank, did it work OK?

    Here is what you can try before buying a new sensor.

    Remove the bad sensor from the ski and clean the floats (black things on the rod) throughly with contact cleaner (or other high flash point petroleum based fluid). Also, clean the rod so that floats go up and down freely. In a see-through container, pour in fresh gas and insert the sensor and move it up & down slowly. See if all the floats move freely.

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    YEA ' I will try it. No the 1500 did the same thing in the 1200 tank.

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    oh yea

    Drained the tanks cleaned them out 'got me some new senders for the fuel level .All good now, had a blast on the gulf all day............No more ethanol for me oohhhhh yeaaaaaaa........

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