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    Polaris 785 pro Parts & Running Race boat

    I have tons of Polaris 785 Pro parts including a complete running boat, set of race pipes, carbs, pumps I will be listing parts soon after I make a list.
    I have Pics of the Pro
    Email me if you need anything

    Hi everyone
    I had a hard time uplaoding pics to this email so I posted them in my Photo Album I'm Selling this for my freind Pete he is older and hates computors so I will have a list of the stuff that the Pro has in it I know that Amy Green raced it Pete worked for Factory polaris with Randy at Watcon and on the pipes and motor I will also get info on it.

    Thanks Doug
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    What pipes do you have??

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    What intake grate do you have available?

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    How much for everything? Is it a SS or Limited boat? PM ME PLEASE.

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    Hi there, are the pipes still available? are they aluminum or stainless ones? what is the condition and the cost? will you be able to arrange transport to New Zealand at my cost?
    Also I need the Right hand side rubber strip ( Hull bumper ) if you happen to have spare one.
    My email is [email protected] if you can mail me direct.
    Thanks mate.

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