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Thread: Pump Problems

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    Pump Problems

    I ve just rebuilt my skatty 160mm pump, it was all good for about 30 mins then a problem started.

    It would run normally at 1/4 speed then anything over that it would cavitate badly. I thought I had stripped the driveshaft but thats all fine, could it be a bearing if the pump works up till 1/4 speed then spins up.

    The prop and engine are fine, what can I check?

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    Did you actually pull the pump off and make sure the prop was still screwed on? This will totally roast your engine if you keep running it while loose. Maybe a stupid question but you can't tell by looking up inside. Check you coupler and see if it is real tightly squeezed. Other than that maybe look at the intake grate to check for reasons of cavitation.

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    Pump is out and prop is tight on the pump shaft. I will have pump apart tomorrow. I want to check the bearings as it would hook up normally at low speed then start to vibrate/cavitate as the rpms came on.

    Checked crank end play and thats all good, coupler is good as well.

    Any suggestions?

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    mark did you end up finding out the problem ?

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