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    question for the hulksters????

    what's the diffrence between the R&D engine/intercooler cooling kit and the RIVA one i'm getting the RIVA power cooler and i want it to be right..i know that in new england where i ride that i will be needing to get a ball valve for the oil cooler cuz it can get cold in the ocean and i'm NOT interested in getting gio problums. thanks friends

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    I just golt my first glance of the Riva IC and it looks like (and based on comments added by SHOBiz in his posts) it adds one supply to the IC and removes the connection between the IC and engine cooling systems.

    The R & D Engine Cooling system adds a total of three supplies: Engine and Oil (from the strainer where the added Riva strainer takes its supply for the new IC) as well as an IC supply (from the gay spray).

    IMHO, for cooling the entire ski, the R & D kit is better because it adds supplies to the engine as well as the oil cooling. They both add an IC supply but the Riva goes one step further by removing the connection between the engine and IC (making the IC cool better). But how hard could that be to do?

    I will ultimately have both for whatever that's worth.

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