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    Question How to for Ride Plate removal and install?

    I have a Jim's modified ride plate that I will begin installing next week.

    I have searched but cannot find a how-to for ride plate removal and install.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Check riva site - they have instructions for their new ride plate

    pretty simple

    remove pump
    remove ride plate bolts
    disconnect hoses to ride plate - one on each side - you have to remove a lot of stuff in the engine compartment to do this easily
    use a bottle jack with a board on the top to prevent damage in the pump area
    heat the plate with a propane torch to soften the adhesive
    I also razor cut the adhesive border
    gently pump the bottle jack
    clean the area of the old adhesive

    Take your time have a beer

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    Thanks a lot.

    Thanks also to RX951 for sending me this link:

    I am all set. One more ride tomorrow then tearing into my ski.

    Thanks again!

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    and don't forget to drain the coolant first

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    my .02 and hours of labor

    couple of tips..I've done a few of these...first few weren't much fun

    The adhesive is from another me on this, you want to pick up a half moon wood chisel and a good razor scraper for prep.

    Safety googles

    longish leather gloves ( the inside of the hull in the area of the rideplate fittings is like a minefield of sharp bits of fiberglass )

    The clamps can be really tough to get off. I got a 1/4 right angle die grinder in my toolbox now. Replace them with top quality s/s clamps.

    new fittings and o-rings for the rideplate

    most important is a dry fitting of the new /replacement plate BEFORE you glop the adhesive on. Follow the sd manual for the exact placement of the goop.

    use the seadoo suggested sealer, I think on non supercharged skis it's permatex "right stuff", not bad to work with, on sc skis it's the dreaded 5200 loctitie..that's the stuff that's really hard to get off once it sets up.

    Don't go crazy with the jack..the plate will eventually pop loose once all the bolts are out..but be ready for a scrape-a-thon.

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