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    2002 GTX 4tec Wont run... Low compression

    Buddy of mine bought a ski last weekend for a winter project (Got tired of getting beat to death on his 96 Tigershark). The ski is a 2002 GTX Limited 4tec 155hp NA (No Supercharger that year).

    It was bought knowing that it did not run. Seller said his wife was out riding and it just quit on her...would not start afterwards. Some genius mech's at his local dealership replaced the fuel pump and spark plugs and nailed him for $400 plus bucks. That's "all he knows"

    Anyway... fuel pressure is good. Spark is good. Spark plugs look great (That is if the plugs in the storage bin were the ones most recently removed when the new ones got put in). Ski has 180hrs. Here's the bad... Compression numbers are as follows: 55psi in #1 (Mag/PTO), 140psi in #2 (Center), and 50psi in #3 (Front).

    Is there any chance this could be a timing chain jump issue? Read about that happening on some other threads, but the folks had higher (like 185psi) compression numbers.

    What do you guys think? Timing?...Bent valves?...Missing storage tray?

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    Possibly need a ring job. Try putting a drop of oil in the cylinders, then redo the compression test. If compression comes up, it usually means the rings. Also make sure throttle is at WOT during the test.

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    Should be over 180psi more like 220-230. The rings are probably stuck in the grooves. (rust) The Fuel pump alone would cost over $500 so I doubt it was changed. Rebuild wont be cheep it isnt a Chevy

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