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    sl750 updates and maintnance(new owner)

    I just purchased a 95 sea doo xp and a 94 polaris sl750. The sea doo will run, but only when I dump gas into the cylinder, reinstall the plugs, and then fire. Both of the skis has been sitting for 2 years. I just pulled out the oil and gas tanks to drain and clean them. Also, blew out all the fuel and oil lines. Is there anything else I should do? I am doing all new fluids, and changing the plugs.

    Also, I have the sl 750. It has a hole in the 3rd cylinder. I have it tore apart now, bout to go back together. I am converting it to premix, therefore removing oil pump and shaft. I am also gonna drain all fluids on it and blow out all lines and run new fluids and plugs. Also have read about doing the fuel pump and line swap.

    Any new info is greatly appreciated. Also, links to how to sections on things is great.

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    Don't forget to clean the carbs, probably gonna need rebuilding. good luck

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    Have you seen this?
    Polaris Fuji (blue) engine

    Since you have holed a piston, you will need to take the carbs apart, and clean/rebuild them internally. Make sure all the small passages are cleaned out, and the tiny internal fuel filter is not clogged.

    BTW, unlike some other PWC brands, the Polaris oil pumps are quite reliable. Just make sure the oil hoses are in good condition (or replace them), the clamps are good, and change the oil filter.

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