Subject: SoCal.PWCOffshore.Pirates
If ever there was a day to ride out to our little Catalina Island then today was the day. Two Harbors was completely taken over taken by Pirates this fine Saturday SoCal day. But then again it was Buccaneer Days at Two Harbor; happens every year the first weekend of October. Once again not much of a showing by SoCal riders. Keeping the tradition alive Brian “Surfrider” and I made the run out of Cabrillo “Angels’s Gate departure on a totally clear and warm SoCal day. No GPS needed today over and back.

“And in the words of “Jimmy Buffett” Yes, I am a pirate - two hundred years too late.

The cannons don't thunder there's nothin' to plunder; I'm an over forty victim of fate”

. . . . . . Just a few friends, just a few friends. Well if you look at the pictures it’ll show you that it didn’t take long for these two to start making friends. I guess it all came down to the PWC offshore outfits we wear. Mortal men can’t stand them. Why the combination scuba diver, motorcycle jersey, motorcross helmeted, glove wearing, Navy Seal OTB boot wearing outfits are just plain old “babe magnets”. Sometimes add to that the neckbrace contraption and SPOT accessory, red lanyard and we’re enough for anyone to want to start a conversation with just wanting to know what the hell are we on, in or about. Fire fighters and Pirate outfits move on over.

Can I buy you (Brian) a drink says one of the five cougars motioning us over to their table. How about joining us for some grog said a couple of wenches motioning us over. Abiding by the Pirate Code of Conduct Brian and I look at each other rather quickly and say o.k. Pretty soon we’re chatting away with female Pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read of Long Beach and Temecula who are camping nearby. 0930 and the Bloody Mary’s are already flowing and the buffet is already part way empty for these Friday Catalina Express arrivals. Guess the real party is tonight and the warm up party was last night. We don’t have any sleeping bags?

No problem says the girls – no one’s getting any sleep tonight if they can help it.

Once again abiding by the moral, legal and plain old gotta go and keep riding PWC Pirate Code Surfrider and I saw it prudent to exit while we still could for some more offshore riding. Next stop was Avalon.

The ride over to Two harbors was one third a little rough for some folks with a few swells thrown in. But by the time we were about 5 miles from the island it was as if the early morning wind from the island had flattened out the seas. Tiger Woods himself could not have laid out a better course for the rest of the ride. Flat lake like riding water, clear blue skies, pods of dolphins thrown in for good measure with every opportunity to cut and slice it any which way that we wanted to. I was breaking in the Ultra (new engine) so I kept the speed down and was on and off the throttle just loving life. Brian was also getting back to riding after a long break due to a broken suspension system on his new Seadoo.

We made it out of Two Harbors without nary one of us having to walk the plank or falling into the water. Fueled up at Avalon and then sat at the dinghy dock to enjoy a slower pace of life. Ride back was pretty uneventful and calm. No hurricane gulch type winds at the entrance of Angels Gate to greet us. Yes I know – SoCal offshore riders are living a life that most men and women around the world have every right to envy. Imagine being able to ride like this year round. It’s a wonderful dream for many and that in and of itself is part of the pirate image that Buccaneer Days is all about. So what’s our secret to offshore riding. Come join us for a ride, a race or Bucaneer Days next October and you’ll see for yourself.

See you on the water!