Polaris Pro 785 (limited quantities)
Polaris Industries Inc.

List Price: $8,999
Warranty: One year,
Color: Havasu Red/black

Dry Weight: 480 pounds
Draft: 8 inches
Length: 108.5 inches
Width: 45.0 inches
Height: 39.5 inches
Seat Length: 33 inches
Rider Capacity: 1 or 2
Weight Capacity: 370 pounds

Hull Type: Modified V
Dead Rise: 24 degrees
Hull Material: FRC (fiberglass-reinforced composite)
Deck Material: RTM (resin-transfer molding)
Sponsons: Standard
Steering System: Nonadjustable
Bilge System: Electric pump/automatic siphon
Storage: Standard, bow tub
Storage Capacity: 5.2 gallons
Cooler: No
Cooler Capacity: N/A
Boarding Step: Optional
Rear Boarding Handle: Standard
Passenger Handles: Standard, integrated into rear boarding handle
Seat Strap: No
Lanyard: Standard, wristband/vest clip with whistle
Throttle Lever: Adjustable, trigger or thumb-type
Mirrors: No
Traction Pads: Standard, full-length

Engine Type: Fuji two-stroke, inline triple-cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 69.7mm x 68.0mm
Displacement: 779cc
Horsepower: 140 @ 7,600 rpm
Compression Ratio (corrected): 7.0:1
Intake System: Crankcase reed valve
Fuel-Induction System: 3 Mikuni Super BN 44-40mm carburetors
Exhaust System: Electronic exhaust-management system with dry triple pipes - water jacketed
Cooling System: Water-cooled, open loop with thermostat

Jet Pump: Dominator, single-stage, axial-flow with stainless-steel six-vane stator
Jet-Pump Diameter: 148mm
Jet-Pump Reduction-Nozzle Diameter: 84mm
Impeller: Stainless-steel, three-blade, 12-17 progressive-pitch
Thrust: N/A
Transmission: Direct drive
Trim System: Standard, accelerated variable electric

Battery: 12 volt, 19 amp
Ignition: Digital CDI with 7,800-rpm rev limit
Ignition Timing: 32 BTDC @ 3,000 rpm
Spark-Plug Type: NGK BR9ES
Starting System: Electric
Security System: Optional, programmable theft-deterrent system

Fuel Gauge: Standard, LCD with low-level light
Oil Gauge: Standard, LCD with low-level light
Speedometer: Standard, LCD
Tachometer: Standard, LCD
Hour Meter: Standard, LCD
Trim Gauge: Standard, LCD
Misc. Instrumentation: Peak speed, peak rpm, clock, trip meter, voltage meter, and
engine-overheat warning
Optional Instrumentation: N/A

Recommended Fuel: Unleaded gasoline (91-octane minimum)
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve): 9.8 gallons
Fuel Consumption: 13.5 gallons per hour (wide-open throttle)
Reserve Capacity: Low-fuel warning light @ 1/4 tank only
Lubrication: Variable-rate oil injection
Oil-Reservoir Capacity: 3.5 quarts