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    Exhaust gaskets ZXI 1100

    Had to pull the motor on one of my skis for a faulty starter/gear reduction stuck etc. Pulled it managed to salvage everything and put it back together. I had ordered gaskets for the exhaust (two for the expansion chamber and three for the exhaust manifold) and they were metal. The ones I took off were fiberous (normal looking gaskets). I sort of questioned these metal gaskets, but they fit and I figured what the heck. The ski fired right up in the driveway and sounded fine.

    Short story long.........I took both skis out yesterday. The one I had worked on was lethargic and I noticed it right away and put it on the trailer. Pulled the plugs and two of them had water on them (milkshake as we call it with jetboats). I left it on the trailer for the remainder of the day. This morning I pulled the exhaust apart and clearly it had been leaking past these metal gaskets. There was water laying in the bottom of the exhaust manifold.

    There were no instructions with the gaskets when they arrived. Should I be using sealant with these? Am I missing something. I need to put it back together and try it again. Wish the replacements had been of the same type that were on it. I'm old school and used to them.

    Incidentally........never had this issue before reassembling and I'm almost positive it's the gaskets I used and/or the way I installed them.

    Thanks for any help or tips.


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    The metal gaskets are factory the fiber gaskets were aftermarket. Usually the book calls for silacone on the metal ones.

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