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    Why can't I post to classified section?

    Hey guys,

    Why can't I post to the classified section? Do you have to have a certain number of posts in the other sections before you can make a thread in the classifieds? I've got a `96 GSX that I'm parting out and I really don't want to sell all the parts on Ebay. I would like to trade for `96 HX or `97 XP mod or upgrade parts if possible. I took the motor out of the GSX and I want to get rid of everything else. PM me if you guys need anything, I'll sell it cheap or trade. I want to get all the valuables off the ski and sold/traded and get rid the rest! It's taking up room in my garage!



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    you need 50 posts to be able to sell stuff in the classifieds....

    keep talking and asking questions...

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    OK, thanks!

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