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    2002 700 virage motor mounts

    While winterizing the ski I noticed the engine was loose. The motor mount and bolts are tight. The bolts that go thru the plate and into the bottom of the engine are loose at the backside of the engine. Can these bolts be tightened ok without pulling the engine? Seems to be very little room and alot in the way for wrenches. Has anyone had this problem?

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    If you are referring to the bolts that go up into the bottom of the engine, and hold the engine to the bed plate, I think you will need to remove the engine.

    Those bolts need to be torqued up at least as tight as spec, and probably tighter. Use Loctite on the threads, and make sure the threads aren't damaged in the holes, or the bolts.

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    700 virage engine bolts loose

    Yes those are the ones I am talking about and I was afraid the engine might have to come out. Another winter project. What kind of time frame does it normally take to pull out and install? Thanks for the information.

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