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    2004 XP DI Warning buzzer question

    Just recently purchased a 2004 XP DI in Mint condition with a cooling issue. Looks like the previous owner ran the unit up on some mud bar on the river and sucked up so much mud into the cooling system that the resonator and the sensor on the water box melted. I replaced the resonator, the water box sensor, the hose coming out of the water box and the one going into the resonator. Then disconnected the intake hose at the pump and flushed out the system. I also found that the waterbox regulating valve was slighly melted and full of mud. Cleaned this up and all the mud in the cooling lines. Ran the unit on the hose wih no issues. Then took it to the river and it idled with no issues. Throttle response was great and it got up on plane like I would expect. The only issue now is that once on plane the warning buzzer went off with one loud beep, and the red light on the cluster came on. I immediately came off plane and idled and the buzzer went off and it idled fine. Does this have to anything to do with the computer thinking that the issue still persists? If so do I have to go to a dealer to clear the codes or is there something else going on? Any input would be appreciate it. Thanks

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    I went out and ran the engine on the hose. I ran it for about 15 minutes keeping a close eye on the temperature. The engine and the exhaust pipe simple got warn. Not even hot at all. The discharge hose going to the outside of the ski was flowing water very well. The clear tube coming out of the pipe showed water flowing. The water outlets on the back of the jet pump and to the outside of the ski showed water flowing ( exhaust flowing some small amount, the one above just below that one one the left side flowing water, the one on the bottom right also flowing water. I disconnected the hose coming out of the water box valve both the small one going to the pipe and the medium size hose which provides water to it and they were both flowing. Meaning the medium size hose had water coming out and the small hose had water going to the pipe. At first the warning buzzer would come on every minute or so and beep for 2 seconds or so. the red light would blink then it would go away along with the display calling for maint. Then after 15 minutes the red light stayed on and the maint kept flashing with the buzzer going on at certain intervals for about 2 seconds. Based on the above and the parts I replaced could it be the sensor or the valve on the water box? both were replaced. The sensor is new and the valve was put together by taking two valve and making one good one. Any other ideas or thoughts?

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