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Thread: Need 650 Help!

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    Need 650 Help!

    I have 650 I pulled from a 1991 Waverunner LX that I picked up for cheap. The guy told me that all it needed was a stator. I threw in a new stator and tried starting it, I get nothing. Well, I do get something... I get a click in the starter solenoid, that's it. I tried using a different solenoid, but I still just get a "click". HELP! Anyone know what might be the problem??

    I want to get this motor running and throw it in my 'Jammer for a project I'm working on.


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    Jump the relay posts and see if it turns over....if not....check ground cables and also positive lead....if nothing there...bad starter


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    Thanks Mpeavler! With my luck the guy probably meant "starter", not "stator"!

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