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Thread: Spun bearing?

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    Spun bearing?

    How can you tell if you have a spun bearing? Can you tell by these pictures?

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    Looks like you did. But it is very minor compared to some spun bearings i have seen.

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    if a bearing shell has spun the small tags that stop them from turning shear off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonze View Post
    if a bearing shell has spun the small tags that stop them from turning shear off.

    You got a pic of the tags?
    If it spins bad it will wear the grove in the rod where the tag sits.

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    Got a pic of the alignment tab on the bearing and what does the wear surface look like?

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    engine bearings have a very thin protectant coating to prevent them from becoming dull until they are installed. the coating is what caused the print in the rod that you are thinking is a sign that the bearing has spun. it was debated in another thread for a few days whether or not a bearing spun in you rods, the only way to know if your rods are usable is to take them to an automotive machine shop to have the bore measured with a micrometer. You will need to know the torque and the big end diameter specifications. Don't install the rod caps and torque the rods out of the engine yourself unless you have the proper tools to do it because you can bend the rod, using the old rod bolts will be fine for this inspection.

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