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    800 XP/SPX MOD/Race Parts

    Completely reinventing my 98SPX, and moving to a superstock set-up. Have the following:

    Factory Spec 2, shortie chamber w/ billet strainer, ECWI and rev limitr. Pipe is like new, fresh only Complete set-up $550 shipped

    Buckshot mirror polished head w/ 43cc domes, awesome looking and running head, NO nicks $200 shipped

    Mikuni 44mm mod carbs, spigot mount $250 shipped

    2 x NOVI fuel pumps $40 each, both for $65 shipped

    Custom 1.5" diameter aluminum vapor separator $80 shipped

    FA: Proks, pair, no bends, dents, etc $80 shipped

    FA: Short cone K&Ns, pair, like new $75 shipped

    FA adapters, RIVA red 4 hole and HP black anodized 2 hole $30/pair shipped ($20 with FA's)

    WCM and R&D intake manifolds, short carb mount faces $80 shipped each

    Jettrim 4" raised seat, black/yellow/silver, done by JT, good shape $150 plus shipping

    2 x Single Gauge SPX hood, one yellow, one faded blue $60 each plus shipping

    R&D aquavein intake grate $80 shipped

    JD intake grate $100 shipped

    Inventioneering intake grate $100 shipped

    R&D tabs $80 shipped

    R&D rideplate extender $75 shipped

    Complete '95 XP 800 pump extension package, extension/cable/driveshaft $150 shipped

    Skat Trak Mag C Pump w/ 16/24 prop, cherry shape, short, medium or long cone, your choice $550 shipped

    UMI steering, has one inside mount tab cracked and could use TIG weld, although could easily be used as is, (SUPER clean other than crack) finger throttle/startstop, UMI bars, barpad, billet VTS holder $350 shipped

    Racepak Hot Tach 2, complete with probes, clean unit, crystal clear uncracked face. $275 shipped

    R&D 85/88 nozzles w/ trim ring $200 shipped

    Baker Hydraulic Trim, complete $275 shipped

    VTS, 100% complete, like new $200 shipped

    Sponsons $80 shipped

    Mod 800 waterbox, debaffled, shortened and hard jetted $80 shipped

    RULE 500gph auto bilge pumps $40 shipped

    Acerbis Handguards, 2 sets, needs some hardware, make offer

    I have a ton of other stuff, but I'm too sick of typing to add it now. Have a bunch of Buckshot carbs, Skat and Solas props, intake manis, heads, UMI goodies etc. Also have any stock engine, hull, electrical and fuel system parts you could ever want for a XP/SPX 800.

    Prices are not set in stone, but are pretty close to what I expect considering Paypal and shipping costs. Everything is in excellent shape unless noted otherwise, NO SALT on anything, ever. Anyone in the NY upstate area can attest to my equipment being in very nice shape and extremely well performing order. Anyone who buys any of the above will be extremely happy. I also have any support and calibration components needed for the pipe/carbs, etc.

    I don't really do pics, unless you really don't know what something looks like. I find that people who ask for pics are usually kicking tires and I'd rather avoid that time wasting exchange as I have alot of work going on most days. I'm sure I have a couple sufficiently good references floating around on this site and others, lol.

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    Bump for a good seller!

    Hey I need that Rule BP if it's the rectangular shaped one.... email me biotch...

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    Is any of this stuff still for sale?

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