Couple Sea-Doos left at the end of the season. Can be sold ready to run or buttoned up for winter. Each is in excellent mechanical shape. Appearances vary but all are nice. All have been inspected, built, fixed, etc.

'04 3D 800RFI $3200
'03 RX-DI 951 $3800
'99 XPL 951 $3000
'98 XPL 951 $2800
'96 GSX 800 $1800
'96 XP 800 $1800
'96 SPX 720 $1500
'95 XP 720 $1250
'95 HX 720 $1500

Prices are pretty firm, particularly anything priced below $2k. In every case you'll get a heck of alot better and safer deal than buying from the guy down the street. All skis have legal paperwork.

I have many references for service work or sales both on and off the forums.

I can ship any one of these skis anywhere in the country for VERY reasonable costs (read extremely cheap).

[email protected]
( 518 ) 209-2664