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    Looking for information

    Bought a 2003 Genesis I this summer off ebay it came out of FL it says
    " Lator Gator " where it use to say Genesis on the side of it just curious if anyone knows any thing about it??? Just got it going today it seems to run real go the little I ran it.

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    Get with K447, he owns one and is very knowlegeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by 96sltx1050 View Post
    Get with K447, he owns one and is very knowledgeable
    Not one that said 'Lator Gator' on the side

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    Yes K447 has been talking to me helping get it going And I could not of done it with out his help!!!!!

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    could mean a few silly things......

    1-college football is big here.....and the main rivals are FSU Seminoles and UF Gators...could have been a Seminole fan???

    2-there are alot of lakes in central florida--which breed alot of alligators--maybe the owner was referring to the speed of the machine and that one of the gators could not catch him...

    Just some guesses...

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