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    95 SL750 Exhaust Hose

    I'm having a problem with the hose that connects the exhaust to the water box. The hose is only about 5 inches long and keeps slipping off the exhaust side. I have switched the hose around, put new clamps on and made them real tight but it keeps coming off after 30 minutes of riding. Anybody ever have a problem with this or a solution? Thanks.

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    The hose came off of my 94sl and went back on fine, no problems. I just had to do it twice. I replace the stock water box with an aftermarket one that my wife called a noise maker, so I sold it. Maybe just replace the hose?

    I ordered that blue marbled hydro-turf but they just sent the plain ones. I figured it didnt come marbled precut or something....

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    Something's wrong if it's coming off.

    Is the waterbox strapped down?

    Is the exh pipe secured?

    There should be no way that hose comes off unless it's cut too short.

    How about a pic?

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