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    95 XP Modded Prices

    Thinking of selling my 95 XP 720 and was wondering what everyone thinks about a price. Way to many toys including a house to use it haha. I was thinking about $2k or somewhere there abouts

    List of Stuff

    95 XP 720 - Excellent Condition and Runs Great
    VTS Disconnected
    New Seat Cover
    Pump Rebuilt
    Factory Pipe
    Stock Pipe Included
    Carbs Rebuilt (2 months ago with Mukini Kits)
    Rejetted Carbs (FP Specs)
    Primer Kit Installed
    Fuel Lines Changed
    New Fuel Selector
    Solas Reduction Nozzle
    New Wear Ring (Not Installed)

    Trailer Included
    New Axle
    New Hubs & Bearings
    New Wheels
    New Lights

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    Not a bad price for the mods you have. But why is the VTS disconnected? Blowing out the fuse, if so the vts box is bad. May want to let the person know when they purchase it if thats the reason.
    But for what your asking for I don't think its a bad price. You sell it for what you feel you should get for it. Thats how I always sell my stuff, if not I let it sit.

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    Yea the VTS kept blowing the 5amp and 7amp fuse. I disconnected it and it stopped. Its the worst system I have ever seen haha.

    The whole VTS module and motor unit were only 1 yr old. The damn thing has blown out 3 times on me in like 4 years and I just couldn't see replacing it again. All boot and everything were replaced as well. So I just disconnected it and set the nozzle to almost level.

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    Just found my '95 XP's VTS system when in the attic yesterday, PM me if you want to make an offer on it.

    BTW, it was pulled back then only because we installed an R&D drop nozzle in it's place.

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