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    new to forum, got a couple of questions

    Hello, i'm new to the forum and been doing some reading. i have come across a couple mods i am interested in and can't find specific answers to the questions. any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    first off, i am very interested in the 6* timing mod. seems easy to do with the dremel mod to the crank trigger. the main question i have is, what happens to the octane requirement for the added timing?? it seems that one would have to run higher octane to avoid detonation. unfortunately Alaska is limited to 90 octane for the best fuel available at the pump. so if i need to run 93 with the timing mod, i guess it's out of the question.

    second question is impeller/pump related. long story short, the pump ate more gravel and rocks than a paving machine. so, i am in need of repair or replacement items. i ride mostly lakes and rivers, and want to keep the low end and mid-range hook-up for towing skiers and tubes. i have read about Impros, but have not yet called them. figured they can take care of the repair and tweaking on the stock stuff. the other option is the Skat-Trac stainless pump assembly. i have heard they are available, but can't find any info on them for the 250x. price and performance info would really be appreciated.

    thanks in advance for any info you can bestowe upon me, Brian.

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    I am almost positive timing reguires 93...u could us a booster for ur gas. Impros would be the way to go...much cheaper and they can tailor it to what you want. A 1* wedge w a Riva plate will run you a couple hundred bucks but will give you a few mph gain in your river conditions. I'd forget the timing and go w a plate and wedge...very safe, cheap and great gains. Use that search button up top and also check out 250xtech site and teammoto site for more good info on you ski!!

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    thanks for the reply and info. sounds like the timing mod is out of the question. oh well, they say stock motors live longer anyway. i'm planning on the 1* wedge and pump stuffer/seal kit. still have not decided on the ride plate and intake grate. i am leaning to the Riva plate though. i guess it's time to get on phone to Impros. thanks again for the info, Brian.

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    The timing mod is definitely worth it. In CA we only have 91 octane. I run 6 degrees timing and am fine with it. I started out mixing in 100 octane and gradually put less and less in until it all checked out on straight pump 91 from Chevron. The Ultra 260x has 8.4 compression and 4 degrees timing straight from the factory, and it's made to run on 90-91 octane. If you're that worried about it, just take out less and aim for 4 degrees. You'll be surprised at the throttle response difference and 150-200 rpm gain.

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    +1 on the 91 octane

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