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    Service manual/ 99 SLX DECALS

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a service manual for a 1999 polaris Slx also I am looking for the Slx decal L/H side or is there a good sign shop that can make me one. The other question I have is I just replaced My MFD and the clock and trim and gas meter stays on is that the way it works? Will it drain the battery? or how do I turn it off?

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    ya that is the way the mfd's work , it shouldn't kill your battery , but it is a good idea to take battery out for winter , or disconnect. battery tenders are a good option as well , solar powered little units are cheap and easy . a decent one will come with the eyelets to attach to battery and have a disconnect cord to make it easier to use !!
    as for the decal , you can go online to pure polaris and do a search for the part # and maybe order thru a polaris dealer , other than that you might have to wait for a member who has some ??

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    Click here for lots of info on the Polaris displays;
    Multi-Function Display (MFD)

    Click here to find the part numbers for Polaris parts, including decals;
    Polaris Industries Parts cross-reference and diagrams

    Click below for a partial list of sources for Polaris OEM parts;
    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

    And click down below for lots more info

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    I have had luck on
    not sure how their prices compare tho...

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