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    Starter problem '96 780SLX-Where to look first...

    I am having an issue with my '96 780SLX...

    The charge on the battery is great. But when I press the starter button on the ski most of the time there is click, no starting of the machine.

    It has been taking about 15 minutes of this for the machine to actually start. After a few minutes of nothing-ness when the button is pushed I can hear a click...then after a few minutes of this the machine starts to turn over.

    Then after maybe 15 or 20 minutes of fighting with the machine, it actually starts. It seems as if it is more of a problem on cold starts. When I run the machine then cut it off and wait a few minutes then restart it, it restarts fine.

    Any suggestions or what I should be looking at first-wihout tearing the whole machine apart? Do you think it could be the brushes? The Bendix? or ??? ??? ???

    Thank You!!

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    Start with checking for voltage at the solenoid (start relay).

    Before you press the start button (and the problem is happening), check for voltage on these points.

    Put the Black meter lead on the battery negative post, and keep it there. Not the black wire bolt or wire, the actual negative battery post.

    Put the Red meter probe on the engine block. Should read zero volts. Press the Start button, engine block should still read zero volts.

    Move meter probe to the Black wire terminals inside the electrical box. Zero volts = good. Press the Start button, meter should still read zero volts, or very close to zero.

    Move meter probe to solenoid (start relay) terminal (the solenoid is inside the electrical box) where the heavy red battery cable connects. Should read full battery voltage (about 12.5 volts). Press the Start button.

    Does the voltage change? If it does, does it go below 10.5 volts?

    If voltage stays above 10.5 volts, move meter probe to Red/Purple wire terminals in electrical box. Again, full battery voltage should be present, and stay there when start button is pressed.

    If solenoid is clicking, but engine does not crank;
    Put meter probe on solenoid terminal where the heavy red wire goes to the starter motor. Press Start button.

    Does the voltage jump up from zero to full battery voltage?

    Last check - use a screw driver or pliers to short the two heavy terminals of the solenoid together. Does the engine crank?

    There may be sparking, but use a firm hand to make solid contact between the two heavy terminals. Do not short the tool to anything else!

    Do these checks, and let us know what you find.

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