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    Shimming the Ride Plate and Trim Tabs for Improved Holeshot

    For the gurus, my understanding is this mod is more for improved hook-up in chop, not necessarily holeshot, which is more dictated by the intake grate and prop selection. Correct?

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    Shimming your ride plate improves your speed. Your goal is to get as much of the ski out of the water and riding on the plate so you shim the front of plate(by the pump shoe is the front). If you are riding chop you can put a washers on the back of the plate to improve the handling for chop. Look at LEO's Avatar thats a great picture of a ski riding on its plate.

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    So what you're saying is, no effect on holeshot whatsoever, correct?

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    If you shimmed the back of the plate its like trimming the bow down with the QSTS. Youre decreasing the angle so it rides "flatter" therefore pushing the hull more straight instead of up out of the hole. But you are loosing lift on topend so the MPH wont be as much

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