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    Removing Cat-Con after winterized

    I've got my ski all tucked away for winter it's been winterized and I was wonder if removing the exhaust to get to the cat would compromise the winterizing process. I've got some part's I'd like to get on before it gets to cold or wait until spring which by that point I'll probably have lost them.


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    I would do it right before you winterize. Cause your actually helping yourself out. When you remove the exhaust to take out the cat/con you also remove the little bit of water that stays in the exhaust even after you winterize.

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    so i'm to late then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harris View Post
    so i'm to late then.
    what Mike says is true. even tho you winterized, you wouldn`t compromise anything by removing the stinger and removing the cat.

    you might have some antifreeze down in the block if you didn`t tip the ski up, and you`ll have antifreeze in the sound suppression and waterbox...which you would not disturb removing the stinger...even if the slide the waterbox back to help unhook the coupler...

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