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    1200PV Carb Good Condition

    I am in need of a used carb for a 1200PV motor, specifically the carb with the throttle control. Please PM me if you have one and how much it would cost shipped to 08088. Thanks.


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    Caution raider fan in the area !!
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    Pm osidebill

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    Lance I have some, what number is stamped on your current carbs? look on top near the accel plate

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    i have a pair too...they are rebuild in sring they are as stock as it if you are interesting.

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    I am also looking for a mikuni super bn44. i am unable to remove one of the adjustment screws. the stamp on mine is 68y. let me know if you have any for sale.


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    Contact om1ros about his, I am getting one from OsideBill

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