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Thread: Cat pee

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    Cat pee

    I came home yesterday and my loving kitty cat pissed up my living room rug. Im not sure why. Im going to take her to the vet to see if she has a urinary tract infection. In the meantime, the rug stinks so I threw it out. Of course, her piss went through the rug and burned into the new hardwood floor. 24hrs later it still smells. I cant stand the smell of cat piss! Anyone know how to get the smell out of my floor?
    Right now, ive got a cloth saturated with simple green just sitting on the spot im hoping that it disolves it.

    Im sure this happens to people all the time so maybe someone can tell me what type of products or home-remedies they have used.

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    Mike xsockguyx's Avatar
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    When I get home from work i'll look at the name of a spray I have that gets rid of the smell. Here's a link too this should help you.

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    Hmm.. vinegar. Interesting. Guess that counters the amoniac properties of the pee.


    The cat is being extra nice to me today. It knows that Im ready to pound some kitty butt.

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    I was cleaning my cats litter box, I walked away for 2 seconds and she went to the spot where the box WAS and pissed on the carpet

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    Yep. they know what they are doing. Little fuggers.

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    I have used baking soda before. Just pile some on the spot and let it sit for a day if you can.

    My cat went pee happy when he was about at the end. 18+ years and I can't say I was mad at him.

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    geez twelves, if it weren`t for bad luck, you`d have no luck at all...

    Cat piss stinks...

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    Yeah.. shes a loving cat. I cant get too mad at her. I called the vet and asked why she would suddenly start doing this and they said it might be a urinary tract infection so im going to get her checked out. I wish my health insurance covered pets

    yeah.. ive had a run of bad luck lately.. but thats life. At least Ive got my health and the Red Sox are in the playoffs

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    this may be a coincidence but at the top of this thread there is an add about cat pee

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