Anyone that might be interested, we are trying to put together an all day lake day on Sept 2nd. If you are in the area, or want to drive out, email me and we'll work out the details.

At this time the only skis we have that I know about are my blue GPR, Pro785 and a VirageTX and maybe a couple of other stock GPRs.

I think we'll probably meet at the ranger station boat ramp, on the cove side, under the trees, near the grill, and be there all day. Nothing special, just get a bunch of folks together to ride.

Canyon Lake is a very Stark lake, with steep canyon walls running down a 10mile stretch of river. Some parts are brutal as hell, while others are soooo smooth, you can look over the front of your ski and see your reflection! In the afternoon, the wind picks up and HOWL's through the canyon, making for a great ride. Temps this time of year are right at 100 with low humidity...or a freaky Monsoon storm with awesome lightning shows!