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    x charger question

    i just bought a x charger ..small upgrade from my current stage 3 charger from riva....FYI ...will be for sale as soon as i get it out of the ski.....but it can upgraded to a mini rude..later..

    the queston i have is there is a x charger front housing and wheel on e bay right now...could that be fitted to an older the riva wheel and housing..

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    Yes but it involves machine work. the back half of the old charger needs to be cut to fit it. for the cost of an x-charger, its not worth the trouble. I see x chargers for 400-450. The wheel and housing costs like 200 and then you have to pay someone for the machine work plus bearings and washers and you still wont have the 08 shaft and etc. I wouldnt bother. JMO

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    thanks that is what we thought ....

    just have a older unit sitting here thought it might be a cheap upgrade...

    my current set up is at the bottom of my page ..will i need anything else with the x charger...or am i good to go ...

    i know i will when i go mini...

    i have a old rude controller..when the only charger out there was a rude 1 ..what size injectors were those programed for....

    i am going to try and get it programed and go that route when going to the mini rude rather adjusting fuel pressure..

    crap just saw i ndde the rfpr ..humm maybe i can just use the rude controler as is instead.????

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    Youll need an adjustable rrfpr.

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    I dont know anything about the rude controller, sorry.

    Mini rude on an x charger is the equivalent of 2rude no?

    If so, you are going to need an rrfpr. You may even need to use a second rrfpr (begi type) to pull out fuel at idle.

    Some people are using 42lb injectors and one rrfpr with that type of setup and others are using the dual regulator setup and 48s.
    Some people say that you will run out of fuel with 42s, others are doing it with no problems..

    Why did you do valvetrain if youre staying stock ecu btw?

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    partially $$$ things were flowing well a couple of years ago ...not so now...
    the rude controller is a fuel managemet a power commander..on a motorcycle. you can add or subtract fuel to compensate for things...r&d has something like it..but they missed the boat there ...close but so need to be able to map the whole thing rpm and tp...not just overall..the only downside to the i cant program it like i could if it was a power comander...there are only a few people that know how and have the softwear.....he is in melborn ..i need his # .

    but pushing the rpm is hard on things...they have better chargers now... so i give up 2 mph and ride every weekend

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