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    Does it matter which coil wire on which plug

    Ok I've got a '04 xl700 with a 701 62t engine. I bought it not running. Actualy it wouldn't rev up. I started with replacing the coil since it seemed like one side wasn't firing. After that the engine started to run away. compression went dead on one cyl due to burnt piston. from then I tore the engine down new pistons rings crank seals resealed the case all new gaskets reeds are new crankcase holds 10Psi. 160 pis compression.Rebuilt both carbs pop off is about 30psi.
    What am I missing
    Can the coil wires being reversed do anything?
    I'm pulling at straws now

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    Coil fires both at the same won't matter.

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    exhaust restriction?

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    Sounds like the age old "lean runaway" problem.

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    if ya got one change the stator...i had the same problem.
    im just helpimg pull the straws..

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