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    701 Gone Mad....

    Ok guys.... I'm about to push this thing over a cliff.... As some of you know I've been fighting with the carbs on my 701 Raider... They are now full rebuilt including needle and seats... I put them back on this AM.... and I cranked the it up and it was purring like a kitten for about 5 mintues or so... but oddly enough if I reved it up to the rev limiter it would die... anyways after about 5 minutes of runnig it just died. Now its doing what it did before I replaced the needle and seats.... it starts up for a few seconds and dies... it has fuel cause I can see it going through the lines into the carbs and back to the tank. I really need some advice before i lose my mind.


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    Did you replace the fuel filter? If there is crap in there and you are feeding it more gas from more throttle it will die and sometimes wont start for a few minutes.

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    I cleaned the filters in the carbs which were spotless and replaced the external filter.... i've even tried bypassing and running straight from tank to carbs.... Same stuff...

    Let me ask you do you think I could have some type of an ignition problem???? even though it fires every time I push the start button but only runs for a second or two... i've even tried disconnecting the kill switch...

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    Could be the stator heating up and cutting out.

    Get an inductive timing light and clip it to the spark plug wire. When it is about to die, see if you still have a spark.

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    Yes it is definetly something electrical... i pulled the plugs and and plugged them into the spark plug wires and held them next to the block. I only see the spark jump on the plug when I initially push the start button and when I release it. Could this be the coil??? CDI??? Stator???

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