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    Need help with 1200 stx-r

    I have a 2002 Kawasaki 1200 STX-R. It runs great but developed a small
    hole in the engine block casing. I have been given 2 options from a shop
    to fix it. Either replace the engine with a rebuilt or R&R the existing
    motor - neither of which I want to do. I want new ideas on how to fix or
    sell it as is. Everything is in great shape - except the hole!

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    fyi: I have exchanged emails with this poster and recommended posting this question in here.

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    how did the hole get there..?? what caused it and where is it exactly.

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    We can walk you through almost anything on that motor just give us some more details so we can diagnose what went wrong. Then steer you in the most apropriate direction. Welcome to green hulk!

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    Not sure how the hole got there. I had it diagnosed at First Turn and they said it could have been a small amount of corrosion or a weakness in the metal or something. I have two quotes from them to fix it 2 different ways -either replace the whole motor with a rebuilt or R&R the current motor and put into a new casing. The hole is on the bottom side of the engine casing and can not be seen without a mirror. The motor runs great - the water from the intake comes out of the hole. When sitting in water, the hull fills up slowly. I'm not mechanical and am not sure how else to describe it! Sorry for late reply to your posts, the email notice didn't notify. New poster error on my part I'm sure.

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    where are you located

    The motor checked out ok thouhg...??


    Depending on size of the hole and what it may look like maybe a JB weld job... it works good for the right application but still the motor would need to be split and cleaned then JB'ed and put back together if it's not to big and cracked...

    If it was my ski I would keep all the original and get new cases if JB weld or another type of fix could not be used.

    If your located near a memeber they might be able to help.

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    Hey thanks for the reply. I am in Lafayette, Louisiana. Yes, the motor did check out. When I asked the shop about a weld they were against it because they would not warranty that kind of fix. At this point, I want to sell the ski as is and thought it would be perfect for someone who could do the work themselves and save the labor costs. Any takers?

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    My contact info is 337-781-6648. Please call if interested in a great deal on this 1200 STX-r

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    How much you looking to get out of it?? And could you post some pics?

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    The ski is worth $3500 with no problems. Due to small hole in engine casing that can be welded if you have the right equipment, I will sell it for $2000 including trailer and cover. Let me know if the picture did not come across - I am new with this site and not sure I did it right.
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