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Thread: 08 RXP-X Cover

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    08 RXP-X Cover

    Has anyone had issues with Genuine covers not fitting on 08 RXP & RXP-X, PN#280-000-391.

    Its just to tight at the back - The part number is for thr 08 models...I have had 4 of them through (we are a dealer) and they all are to tight.

    Our Distrbutor has no answer



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    Ran it same issue last year (May 200 on my new 2008 RXP-X. Could not get it to fit in the back. Cover too short. Went back to my Dealer--took the cover--he could not get it on RXP-X on the showroom floor--gave me another new one and it worked fine.

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    Got both PX, TX. The PX cover fits the handle bars fine but was to tight on the back. The TX cover does not fit the handle bars good, but fits the back fine. The problem with them being short seems to be the elastic that runs from the front to the back on each side. you are supposed to be able to adjust this to fit your ski. I found that I had to loosen it to fit my PX. If you look at the front of the cover, were the elastic comes out there is a not with a plastic ring. what I did was re-tye the knot to give it more lenght. If you try this and it is still to tight, then you might have to try a different cover, which it sounds like you did, which means your ski needs to go on a diet

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    How genuine are the covers if they don't fit on the model they are made for.
    There are bigger problems with the seadoo's ,but never heard of this one yet.

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    I don't have an X model but my cover for my RXT was extremely tight. So tight that I actually cut my fingers on the rub rail frequently when putting it on in the back. I actually pulled the damn elastic band half way through the cover on one side the first time I put it on it was so tight. I double knotted it now and it won't pull through anymore and it has loosened up some, but it is still very tight. It is definitely a trailerable cover for sure.

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