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    RXP skat triple bearing pump, RXP nozzle w/ rings

    RXP/RXT/GTX Skat triple bearing modded pump w/ riva stainless pumpliner- great condition $550

    Riva nozzle w/ 81,82,83,84 rings- $275

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    gotta sell it!

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    What prop can you run with this and what advantage is this over stock.thanks

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    You can use any prop made for a stock RXP/RXT pump.

    The triple bearing mod is for stabilizing the pump shaft, especially at high RPMS and with extra power. Way less oscillation and prop scrubbing wear-ring. It also uses oil lube instead of grease.

    The cost to modify your pump to a tripple bearing design from Skat is $348.14.

    The stainless steel wear ring from Skat is $213.

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    I am not sure if the prop comes with it. Its in the picture so I would assume it does--or maybe not. If it does-What are the pitch numbers on the prop--virgin or bent??

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    no prop with it-- i can include it if the buyer wants. I am not sure of the pitch until i pull it out!

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    PM Sent on nozzle

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    still got both!

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